Up to $100 Off Your Tow

$100 off your tow to Traverse Body & Paint Center - special offer

You’ve been in an accident and your vehicle needs to be towed, bring it to Traverse Body and Paint Center.

For a limited time only, Traverse Body and Paint Center will pay for up to $100 off of your tow, if you will be filing an insurance claim.

That’s right. If your car, truck, or SUV needs to be towed, and you bring it to Traverse Body and Paint Center, we’ll pay up to $100 off your tow. Even if your vehicle is under warranty with a dealership, you can still bring it here to Traverse Body and Paint Center, and it will not affect the warranty. The technicians here are properly trained and certified and have all the tools to do the job properly.

The months of November and December are, unfortunately, when accidents begin to happen more frequently, specifically because of deer. Deer are on the move more than ever during these months. With the hunting season in full swing, as well as the mating season, deer are on the move constantly. In fact, 1 in every 85 cars driving this fall/winter will get in a collision with a deer. Additionally, 43 percent of all deer-related car accidents happen in October, November, and December.

Although the deer begin to slow down in December, the winter weather begins to pick up. Snow and ice can wreak havoc on the roads, and cause nasty driving conditions. Slipping and sliding all over the road is extremely dangerous, so driving during the winter months should be done with extreme caution.

This is why we are offering $100 off a tow to Traverse Body and Paint Center. We make things simple and straightforward. We work with all types of insurance companies and claims. We also have the team in place to not only get the job done but done the right way.