Collision Repair Estimator


1.) Fill out your name, both emails (if you want your agent to have a copy), and vehicle specific information. Check if your airbag deployed or not.

2.) Take appropriate photos as documented below. Photos should be 2Mb or less, formatted in one of these formats .jpg | .jpeg | .png

  • One detail shot of the damaged area
damage detail shot
  • Four corner shots from each corner of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the door tag (rather than the window/dash location)
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) door tag
  • License Plate
Michigan License plate
  • Mileage
  • Proof of insurance (if this might be an insurance claim)

3.) Upload using the choose files button

4.) Click submit

Note: Please be patient. Repair estimates are performed by a real person. You or your insurance company will get the same product as if you brought your vehicle in. This online estimator allows you to accelerate the process without taking time out of your day to bring in your vehicle.


    Traverse Body and Paint Center makes it easy to jump-start your repair process. Just a handful of photos and information.

    Did your airbag deploy?YesNo

    Attach Vehicle Photos: (4 Corner Shots, VIN Door Tag, License Plate, Mileage, and Proof of Insurance)